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Swift Check If an Array Contains an Object with Property

To check if a Swift array contains an object with a specific property:

  1. Have an array of elements.
  2. Specify a searching criterion.
  3. Call Array.contains() on the array with the criterion.

For instance, let’s find out if a student called Bob is in an array of students:

let has_bob = students.contains(where: { $0.name == "Bob" })

To understand how this works and to get the context, please read along.

Full Example with Context

First of all, let’s give context to the above line of code.

Given a custom Student class with a property name:

class Student {
    let name: String
    init(name: String) {
        self.name = name

And an array of Student objects, each with a unique name:

let s1 = Student(name: "Alice")
let s2 = Student(name: "Bob")
let s3 = Student(name: "Charlie")

let students = [s1, s2, s3]

You can use this approach to find out if a Student object with a specific name exists in the array:

let has_bob = students.contains(where: { $0.name == "Bob" }) // true

This returns true, as there is a student called “Bob” in the array.

How Does Array.contains() Method Work in Swift?

The Array.contains() method works such that:

  • It loops through the array of Student objects.
  • On each Student object, it stores the object temporarily to a variable $0.
  • Then it checks if the name of the student equals the name you are looking for.
  • If it encounters the name that matches wiht your search criterion, it returns true and stops looping.
  • If no matches are made, the contains() method continues until there are no more students left in the array.


Today you learned how to check if an array has an object with a property in Swift. You also learned how the Array.contains() method works by looping through an array of objects.

Thanks for reading. Happy coding!

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