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Swift One-Line If-Else

Start writing short and concise one-liner if-else statements by using the ternary conditional operator.

Did you know that you can replace this simple if-else statement:

let money = 100

if money > 0 {
    print("Some money")
} else {
    print("No money")

With this neat little one-liner expression?

money > 0 ? print("Some money") : print("No money")

This is possible thanks to what is called a ternary conditional operator in Swift. You just saw how it can be used in the above one-liner. It is all that simple! For your convenience, here is the structure of a ternary operator:

condition ? true_expression : false_expression

This shorthand is a useful way to replace simple if-else statements. However, it’s not wise to make the code less readable by overusing it.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find it useful. Feel free to share it for orthers to find it too.

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A short video on how to use ternary operators in Swift

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