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Swift: What Is Inout?

As you might already know, changing the value of a parameter passed into a function is not possible, as they are constants.

For example, this code refuses to compile:

func change(_ number: Int) {
    number = 2

var number = 1

However, sometimes it is really useful when you can directly change the parameter passed into a function. But how can you do it if it is not possible the way I did it above?

This is where inout parameters come in handy: An inout parameter can be modified inside a function and the changes apply outside the function.

For example:

func change(_ number: inout Int){
    number = 2
var number = 1



Now if you examine the example a bit closer, please pay attention to these two things:

  • The number parameter is of type inout Int. This makes it possible to modify it inside the function.
  • When you call the change function, you need to use & in front of the variable name: change(&number). This indicates that the variable can be modified by the function.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share it in order for others to find it too.

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