Python If-Else on One Line

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In Python, you can have if-else statements on one line. This is possible by using what is called the “ternary operator” or conditional expression.

For instance, let’s say you have this regular if-else expression:

age = 20

if age < 18:
    age_group = "Minor"
    age_group = "Adult"




This works fine, but you can do the same if-else on one line of code:

age = 20
age_group = "Minor" if age < 18 else "Adult"




Be Careful with If-Else on One Line

Think twice before breaking your Python if-else on one line. This shorthand is meant to improve your code readability and make your code more concise.

Before using one-liner if-else statements, ask yourself a question: Does it improve your code readability? If the answer is no, don’t do it. Breaking lengthy if-else statements into one-liners can cause more harm than benefit.

I think the above example is good, but anything more complex than that should not be a one-liner.

Take a look at this example. Here is where one-liner if-else really complicates things. First, let’s use a regular if-else approach:

x = 1

if x % 2 == 0:
    result = x * 2 + 10
    result = x / 2 - 10

This looks clear. If x is even, multiply it by 2 and add 10 to it. If the number is odd, divide it by 2 and subtract 10.

But take a look what happens when you compress this expression to one-liner:

result = x * 2 + 10 if x % 2 == 0 else x / 2 - 10

Needless to say, this is impossible to read.

This is a perfect example of how using an one line if-else can really mess things up.


In Python, you can turn if-else statements into one-liner expressions using the ternary operator. This is adivced only if it can improve your code readability and overall quality.

Thanks for reading. Happy coding!

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