17+ Best AI Writers of 2023—AI Writing Software (That Work)

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Did you know you can use AI writers to write content much more quickly?

Whether you are working with blog posts, social media posts, or product descriptions, some of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) writer tools can boost your output by 200-500%.

To maximize the content-creation potential, you have to know about the best AI writer software to use. I have ranked the best AI writing tools in this article. This is a complete guide on choosing the best AI writing tool that meets your demand.

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CopyAI—The #1 Pick

If you are looking for a quick answer, the best overall AI writing tool is Jasper.

CopyAI is the best AI writing tool in the market.

It helps you overcome writer’s block and produce unique and well-thought-out content like no other. Using CopyAI, you can write 2-5 times faster.

At the end of the article, you find answers to some burning questions, such as whether is it cheating to use such a tool or how they even work.

List of Best AI Writers

This is a comprehensive guide to the best AI writing tools. The reviews are thorough and lengthy. If you feel like jumping into the review of specific software, feel free to use the links of this list to seamlessly navigate to a particular tool.

AI Writing Tool Usage Deal Pricing
1. Jasper AI Fits any content creation workflow 10,000 words for free $29.00/month
2. CopyAI Copywriting assistance Free version (2,000 words/mo) $49.00/month
3. Rytr Affordable Jasper alternative Free limited version $9.00/month
4. WriteSonic Writing assistant and image generation
Free trial
5. Grammarly Grammar police and style guide Forever free limited version $12.00/month
6. Ink Long-form SEO content Free trial $8.00/month
7. HIX.AI AI writing assistance Free (limited) version $6.99/month
8. Scalenut Ideas, social captions, blog outlines 40% limited sale $17.00/month
9. NeuralText Long-form content assistant 5-day trial for $1 $19.00/month
10. Text Blaze Quick AI-powered blog post assistant Free basic version $2.99/month
11. CopySmith Copywriting assistant for long-form content 2 months free trial $19.00/month
12. AI Writer Write long blog posts in one go Free trial $29.90/month
13. ProWritingAid Grammar and spelling police Free (limited) version $20.00/month
14. WordTune Great Grammarly alternative Free (limited) version $9.99/month
15. Sapling AI writing assistant for short-form content Free (limited) version $25.00/month
16. PepperType Short-form content such as blog outlines Free trial $35.00/month
17. ClosersCopy Copywriting assistant 14-day money-back guarantee $49.99/month
18. ArticleForge Article writing assistant 30-day money-back guarantee $13.00/month
19. Frase Articles, copywriting, and blog posts 5-day trial for $1 $14.99/month
20. ChatGPT Chatbot that knows anything Free unlimited beta version No paid plans yet

Also, make sure to watch a quick video of my top picks for different types of content creation:

Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you. You should treat these tools as virtual co-authors that help you in the content creation process. But you should always do fact checks and some polishing to the content.

Let’s jump into the complete list of reviews of the best AI writing tools.

1. Jasper AI

Rating 4.8/5
User Experience 4.7/5

Jasper is an AI writing assistant who streamlines the writing process. Jasper can easily help you produce content 2-5 times faster than you would normally do.

The working principle of this tool is simple. You give it an input and let it generate the output. And no, Jasper doesn’t just complete sentences, but entire chapters or even small blog posts.

Jasper helps you produce unique content that ranks. It helps you overcome writer’s block and be more productive in whatever you write.

My Experience with Jasper

Here is an example input to Jasper I gave one day:

Input: Write a blog post about SEO, that is, search engine optimization. Tell the reader why SEO matters and how it can change traffic on any website.

He then produced an intro chapter like this:

Output: Have you ever wondered why SEO is so important for your business? We all know that it’s crucial to have a strong website in order to rank well on search engines and get more traffic, but what does it actually mean when we say “SEO”? What are the benefits of investing in SEO? How can someone with no experience take advantage of SEO opportunities? The goal of this post is to answer these questions and many more.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? The AI-generated chapter above is good for an intro to a blog post almost as-is.

Make sure to read my complete Jasper Review & Tutorial. This tutorial teaches you how to use the tool in detail.


Jasper comes with a bunch of useful features. It is designed to work with any type of digital writing be it blog posts, social media posts, emails, or business documents. Jasper can even do poetry!

Some examples of features of Jasper include:

  • Recipes. One of the key features of Jasper is the Recipes. A Jasper Recipe is an AI-generated template with which you can generate content quickly. You can choose recipes for blog posts, product descriptions, headlines, blog post outlines, and much more.
  • Great content editor. Jasper comes with a nice built-in content editor. You can format and structure your content in the editor. Even if you didn’t use Jasper at all, the content editor would still be a great and easy-to-use feature.
  • 25+ languages. A unique feature of Jasper is its ability to understand languages other than English. Jasper supports more than 25 languages, including English, French, Spanish, and German. Thus, Jasper makes it easy for you to target global audiences. For example, you can tell Jasper to translate content.
  • Integration with SurferSEO. Later on in this article, you learn more about another great SEO-friendly writing tool, SurferSEO. To write even better SEO content, you can integrate Jasper with SurferSEO to form a unique combo. This is a great feature for the SEO freaks out there!

User Experience

The overall user experience of Jasper is great. This is because you have a bunch of templates at your disposal.

Even though Jasper understands your commands, you might still not be sure what commands to give it. These templates offer you great assistance on what to instruct Jasper.

If you use the Boss Mode, you can also gain full control of the writing process. This lets you easily write down long-form content in a short amount of time.

In addition, Jasper comes with a bunch of all-around tutorials that show you how to unlock the full potential of the tool.


Jasper has two pricing plans:

  • Starter
  • Boss Mode

The Starter Plan lets you generate words from 20,000 words per month for $29.00. The Starter mode includes the core features of Jasper, such as writing headlines or bios. In total, you get access to 50+ useful skills from Jasper.

The Boss Mode is an all-inclusive plan for serious writers. It starts at $59.00/month. Enabling the Boss Mode you get unlimited access to all the features of Jasper. With the Boss Mode, you can write content 2-5 times faster, which is a huge timesaver.

To get a more accurate pricing prediction, head over to Jasper’s pricing page, and drag the sliders to match the number of words you want to write every month.

What I Like about Jasper

  • Jasper is a beginner-friendly tool. The learning curve is shallow. You can learn how to produce articles by watching a video or two in their large tutorial collection.
  • Jasper is a versatile tool for all kinds of writing tasks, such as blog posts, video descriptions, ads, and much more.
  • Because Jasper uses the latest advancements in natural language processing, its content is much better than your average AI writing tool.
  • Jasper always has something to say. If you have writer’s block, just let Jasper get you started.

What I Don’t Like about Jasper

Not a single piece of software is perfect. This applies to Jasper as well. Some of the drawbacks are:

  • Jasper does not operate outside its own content editor. For example, no Chrome plugins exist. This means you have to copy-paste the content from Jasper’s editor.
  • When producing complex scientific content, sometimes the facts are not accurate. Thus, you should fact-check the content.

Unfortunately, the latter problem is something no tool can fix (yet). This is because the underlying AI is not clever enough to know everything. Luckily, the field of AI is developing rapidly and new language models arise. In the near future, these can make AI writing tools even better.

Bottom Line

Overall, Jasper is in my opinion the greatest AI writing tool at the moment. You can use it to generate unique and well-thought content much faster than without it.

The best part is you can try Jasper for free!

2. CopyAI

Rating 4.7/5
User Experience 4.5/5

CopyAI is another popular all-around writing tool in the market. With this AI writing tool, you can eliminate writer’s block with a bunch of great creativity features.

CopyAI gives you a broad range of AI-created writing templates to choose from. These can help you get started with your writing project.

This tool suits both copywriters and content writers.

The workflow of the CopyAI writing assistant is simple:

  1. Choose a copywriting project topic.
  2. Give the tool some context with a couple of words.
  3. Let the AI generate a couple of versions.
  4. Choose the best version.
  5. Make minor tweaks to the best version and publish it!
  6. Profit.


  • A free version. Unlike many other AI writing tools, CopyAI offers a completely free version.
  • 100+ templates. There is a bunch of writing templates to choose from. You can pick a template based on what you are trying to accomplish. With the templates, you can give instructions to the AI behind the scenes.
  • 25+ languages. CopyAI supports a bunch of different languages. This is great as it makes it easier to communicate with non-English speakers too. For instance, you can translate content to perfectly another language like never before.
  • Long-form content editor. CopyAI has a long-form content editor. You can use this feature to write long-form content, such as blog posts that rank high on Google.
  • Easy to use. The overall user experience of CopyAI is great.

My Experience with CopyAI

CopyAI has a really seamless workflow and it’s easy to get started with using the tool.

I used CopyAI to create a blog post about stars and why they twinkle.

Before accessing the tool, it asks you some basic questions about its use.

It literally takes 15 seconds to answer these. After completing the quiz, you can start generating content.

For example, I asked CopyAI to write about why stars twinkle and to focus on physics, science, and stars in a professional tone of voice.

After this step, the tool offers to create an outline for you. Here’s what my intro/outline looks like.

At this point, you can regenerate or edit the content before moving on. When you’re happy with the content, you can generate the talking points.

After generating the main talking points, it’s time to generate the actual blog post content and convert it to a blog post.

Notice that at any time during the process you can regenerate/tweak the output.

Here’s what my output ended up looking like:

And finally, here’s what the entire post looks like.

Remember, the tool auto-generates content, but you should still treat it as a writing assistant. It does not generate 100% ready-to-be-published content. You always need to make the final tweaks before going live! For example, in the above test I did, the scientific claims the tool makes aren’t spot on.


CopyAI comes with an affordable pricing model.

There is a completely Free Plan (no credit card needed). With this plan, you can already produce some basic short content, such as social media posts or product descriptions.

If you are more serious about writing, you can unlock the Pro Plan for $35/month.

What I Like about CopyAI

  • There is a completely free version of the tool
  • The user interface is clean and understandable
  • CopyAI has a bunch of comprehensive guides to maximize the full potential of the tool
  • Plagiarism checker

What I Don’t Like about CopyAI

  • CopyAI is not the best at producing long-form content.
  • You need to be descriptive to get a great output. If you leave the input short, you get bad outputs.

Bottom Line

CopyAI is an overall amazing AI writing tool that helps you overcome writer’s block.

This tool helps you create well-thought and unique content be it blog posts, product descriptions, or emails.

CopyAI is definitely the most affordable option in the market due to the always-free version.

3. Rytr

Rating 4.4/5
User Experience 4.8/5

Rytr is a versatile AI-based writing tool. This platform uses the latest advancements in AI to help you write content faster.

The algorithm behind the scenes uses historical data. This way the tool can produce factual articles with a customizable tone and style. The content is also grammatically correct.

With Rytr’s assistance, you can create a long-form blog post in under an hour. This is a terrific time-saver you don’t want to miss.

Rytr has the ability to write about any niche, such as technology, business, and sports. You can also use it to write in different styles, such as blog posts, articles, or reviews.


  • Easy content creation with great additional features like character count, word count, and tone checker.
  • Rytr has a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure the uniqueness and originality of every piece you produce.
  • Grammar checker for ensuring professional-level grammatic correctness.

User Experience

Rytr comes with a stellar online editor where all the magic happens.

This tool is extremely convenient to use. To write a piece of content:

  1. Open up the Rytr Editor.
  2. Select a language.
  3. Select the tone of voice.
  4. Pick a use case.
  5. Generate content.
  6. Make edits to the content
  7. Profit.


The pricing model is simple and affordable.

As the icing on the cake comes the Free Plan. With the free plan, you can write a bunch of short content, such as product descriptions each month.

If you are writing long-form articles or blog posts, then you should choose either the Saver Plan ($9/month) or the Unlimited Plan ($29/month).

Bottom Line

With a great free plan, Rytr is one of the most cost-efficient AI writing tools there is. This is a must-have tool for any blogger or content creator who produces a ton of content on daily basis.

Better yet, Rytr also makes it easy to come up with content because it can also generate great ideas on your behalf.

One thing I dislike about Rytr is the lack of recipes present in Jasper, for example. Because of the lack of this feature, you have less control over the AI-generated output.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool with awesome pricing, try Rytr. However, if you are looking for a more powerful tool, try Jasper.

4. WriteSonic

Rating 4.3/5
User Experience 4.3/5

WriteSonic is an AI author that helps you write unique and original content.

Similar to other tools in this list, you should treat WriteSonic as a writing assistant. It is like a virtual friend that helps you when you run out of ideas.

You can ask WriteSonic to provide you with original pre-written content on top of which you can write your story.

For example, you can ask WriteSonic to create a logical outline for your blog post. Or you can make it produce a great intro to help you overcome the blank paper syndrome.

No matter how you use it, WriteSonic will make your writing easy. This is a go-to tool for those who struggle to come up with original content ideas. The content produced by WriteSonic is engaging and shareable across social media platforms.

You can always try WriteSonic for free before spending a buck. However, remember that the features are limited to the free version, so you don’t get the full picture.


  • Website Copy. Use AI to generate compelling headers and landing pages for your website.
  • Digital Ads. Generate high-quality ads for popular platforms, such as Google, LinkedIn
  • Ecommerce. Use AI to generate best-seller product titles, descriptions, and so on.
  • AI Article Writer. This feature lets you use AI to come up with unique and original content in a matter of seconds.

User Experience

Similar to other tools in this list, WriteSonic has a built-in online editor.

To write content, you need to pick a use case and topic and let the tool generate the content for you.

It only takes a matter of seconds to produce a long-form article on various niches and topics.

This tool makes it easy for you to tweak the length of the content as well as the creativity level. The more creative, the funkier the story!


There are five total plans with WriteSonic.

  • Free Trial: $0
  • Basic: $15/month 
  • Professional: $45/month 
  • Startup: $95/month
  • Agency: $195/month

Bottom Line

WriteSonic is an AI writer that lets you produce long-form content without having to type each and every word.

One of the coolest features in my opinion is the email notification feature, which sends you a message once your content is ready. This makes it easier to focus on other things instead of waiting for the tool to write.

WriteSonic is also beginner-friendly and really easy to get started with. Better yet, it has a completely free plan that lets you do a bunch of useful things already!

The only big drawback to the tool is it does not offer the greatest features to the free users. In other words, a free plan user misses out on a lot.

5. Grammarly

Rating 4.3/5
User Experience 4.9/5

Grammarly is a must-have for every writer. Grammarly is best known for the Google Chrome extension.

This extension constantly analyzes your writing, no matter where you write. It could be an email, blog post, or any other text editor as long as it lives on the browser window.

Grammarly highlights your writing mistakes. When you hover over one, it suggests a fix.

The workflow of this tool is amazing. When there is a mistake or a phrase that needs improvement, Grammarly highlights the text. Then you can hover over the text to view the suggested fix. If you agree with Grammarly, you can just click to activate the fix.

But why do writers need Grammarly?

Everyone does mistakes. Even the best writers. When you use a tool like Grammarly, you can “outsource” fixing mistakes. This way you can focus on producing content and worry less about stupid punctuation mistakes.

Also, if you are a non-native writer (like me), Grammarly can help you with the strange punctuation rules in English.

By the way, if you don’t like Grammarly constantly analyzing your text, you can always use the online editor for proofreading.


  • Grammar Checker. This feature helps you get rid of unnecessary but unavoidable grammar mistakes.
  • Spelling Checker. Checks the spelling of words to match the context.
  • Punctuation Correction. This feature helps you scrap the amateur punctuation mistakes everyone does.
  • Style Suggestions. Helps you improve your writing style and tone of the content.
  • Online Content Editor. You can copy-paste long-form content into the long-form content editor to scan and fix the mistakes.

In addition, Grammarly can easily be integrated into different platforms such as Google Docs.

User Experience

Grammarly online editor. The tool highlights mistakes and suggests fixes on the right.

The user experience of Grammarly is overall great and the workflow is smooth.

You can use Grammarly as an online editor or as a Chrome Extension.

Both the online editor and the extension work similarly. It scans your content for improvements and highlights words and sections that need some.

Making the fix is super easy. Instead of manually typing it, you can click on the suggested improvement and there you have it! I am using Grammarly to write this very sentence.


There are three plans for Grammarly:

  • Free
  • Premium (for individuals): $12.00/mo
  • Business (for teams): $12.50/mo

Bottom Line

Grammarly is an all-around AI writing assistant. This is one of the only tools in this list where the free version is already super useful.

Instead of using AI to generate the content, it is your AI-based proofreader. In this sense, Grammarly differs quite a bit from other tools in this list. Instead of generating the content, Grammarly analyzes it and suggests grammar, punctuation, and structure sentence fixes.

I think Grammarly is something every writer needs, especially if you are a non-native writer. English has a lot of strange grammar and punctuation rules. Grammarly enforces these without you having to learn them. This lets you focus on writing and lets you worry less about silly mistakes.

The downside to Grammarly is it sometimes picks up wrong errors. Also, on rare occasions, the improvements suggested by the tool are off.

If you are looking for a proofreader, you need to get Grammarly. If you are after a powerful content-generating tool, try Jasper or some other tool on this list.

6. Ink Editor

Rating 4.2/5
User Experience 4.6/5

INK Editor is your intelligent SEO-friendly co-writer for the SEO freaks out there.

This tool has a variety of great built-in SEO features that keep your content friendly to search engines.

To put it short, Ink helps you create content that ranks high on Google and other search engines.

Ink Editor’s patented AI system constantly scans your content for SEO mistakes and warns you about them. In addition, you get suggested fixes for the mistakes you are making. Research suggests that content written with an INK editor with a 97% SEO score is four times more likely to rank high on Google.

With the help of the latest achievements in natural language processing, this tool helps you:

  • Expand sentences.
  • Rewrite content.
  • Simplify complex expressions.

And much more.


  • Paraphrase. An intelligent AI-based tool that lets you paraphrase the content.
  • AI Writer. An AI assistant that generates unique and original content in a matter of seconds.
  • SEO. The SEO feature ensures the content you produce is rich in keywords to rank higher on search engines.
  • Team Manager. This feature makes it easier for agencies to work on the same projects with a bunch of team members.
  • Headline Optimizer. Turns your headlines into compelling and engaging headlines that attract readers more.

User Experience

The user experience in the INK editor is amazing. All you need to do is:

  1. Open the online editor.
  2. Pick a use case for your content (blog post outline, blog introduction, etc.).
  3. Give the tool some input.
  4. Generate the content with AI.
  5. Profit.


The INK editor comes with three plans:

  • Starter: $8.80/mo
  • Pro SEO: $44/mo
  • Team SEO Unlimited: $177/mo

Bottom Line

INK is another great all-in-one solution for aspiring content creators. It combines planning, content creation, and SEO in one package.

If you are looking for a tool that produces unique and original search engine-friendly content, you should try INK.

Unfortunately, there is no free plan for INK editors either. If you don’t want to spend a buck before being convinced, you should try Jasper. It has a trial of 10,000 words for free.


Rating 4.6/5

User Experience 4.7/5

HIX.AI is an all-in-one AI writing assistant that offers multiple AI writing tools to streamline your content creation process. 

This platform excels in five crucial aspects: brainstorming, researching, writing, and refining. For those who are seeking undetectable AI writing, it also assists in humanizing AI text.

Take writing an article as an example: you can use HIX AI Writer to brainstorm a blog outline as a starting point, and effortlessly complete the article using its 120+ AI writing tools.

While HIX AI Writer guarantees to deliver high-quality content without grammatical errors and plagiarism issues, it also comes with certain tools for proofreading, rewriting, and other writing enhancements.

If you don’t want to write an article part by part, there’s ArticleGPT that can generate whole articles for you. It requires only a brief introduction to the topic and keywords from your side.

All the output content is fact-checked without hallucinations, backed by up-to-date and credible resources. Optimizing with the target keywords, it also ensures that the content is SEO-friendly.

When there’s any confusion in your writing, you can ask HIX Chat for an answer. It is a ChatGPT-like chatbot, but with web access to provide up-to-date information.

In addition, HIX.AI comes with an undetectable AI writer, HIX Bypass, that helps you bypass AI detection. It can efficiently humanize your AI text so that you don’t have to worry about getting caught using AI in content creation.

To enhance efficiency, HIX.AI also provides a browser extension and desktop application, streamlining your workflow.


  • 120+ AI Writing Tools. HIX AI Writer offers diverse tools to cater to your writing needs. Whether crafting meta descriptions, product descriptions, or engaging in tasks like paraphrasing, translating, and grammar checking, you’ll find the right tool for the job.
  • Hallucination-Free, Fact-Based Article Writer. ArticleGPT only sources trustworthy information and the references you provided to create high-quality, fact-checked articles. 
  • Undetectable AI Writer. HIX Bypass transforms any AI-generated content into human-written text, effectively bypassing all AI detectors, including GPTZero and Originality.ai.
  • All-in-One Browser Extension. With BrowserGPT, HIX.AI seamlessly integrates into your web experience, making it convenient to use across various online platforms, such as Google Docs, Gmail, etc.
  • Desktop Application. HIX.AI provides a downloadable desktop app, DesktopGPT, allowing users to harness the power of AI on their computer devices without the need to visit a browser.
  • 50+ Languages. HIX.AI supports over 50 languages, allowing you to create content in different languages and broaden your audience base effectively.

User Experience

HIX.AI features a user-friendly interface for easy navigation. Here’s how you create content with HIX.AI:

  • Log in to HIX.AI.
  • The login process will seamlessly direct you to the dashboard.
  • Locate the desired tools on the dashboard.
  • Generate content effortlessly with the assistance of AI.

Users can also use some of HIX.AI’s tools without the need to log in. However, it’s important to note that there might be a restriction on the number of free words available for use.


HIX.AI offers individual pricing plans for its five main products. 

  • HIX AI Writer: Starting at $7.99 per month
  • ArticleGPT: Starting at $7.99 per month
  • HIX Bypass: Starting at $7.99 per month
  • BrowserGPT: Starting at $7.99 per month
  • DesktopGPT: Starting at $9.99 per month

Bottom Line

Creating content is no easy task. HIX.AI provides a suite of user-friendly AI writing tools designed to streamline your workflow, saving time and enhancing both productivity and accuracy.

With HIX.AI, you can effortlessly create high-quality sentences, paragraphs, and articles, while also improving the overall quality of your text and more. 

For those in search of comprehensive AI writing support, HIX.AI stands out as the optimal choice for fulfilling all your writing needs.

8. Scalenut

Rating 3.8/5
User Experience 4.1/5

Scalenut is an AI-based content analyzer tool that also automates content creation.

The tool uses the latest advancements in AI with today’s SEO knowledge when generating content. This helps you create unique, original, and engaging content in no time.

In a sense, Scalenut is a tool that resembles the Jasper + SurferSEO combo. However, instead of being two separate tools, Scalenut is just one tool that gets it all done.

The workflow of Scalenut is simple. You give it a keyword around which you want to center the content. The tool then takes care of making the content rank high for that keyword and some closely related high-volume keywords.

One great benefit of Scalenut is it has a more advanced content editor compared to Jasper.

Instead of having a simple “Compose” button, you can give the tool better direction with different types of connectors and operators. With a tool like Jasper, you can use commands to do this. From a user standpoint, it is better to have buttons rather than having the user write commands.


  • Free Version. A unique feature of ScaleNut is the free version that requires no credit card.
  • SEO Research. The tool comes with built-in SEO researching capabilities that help your content rank high on search engines.
  • Long-Form AI Writer. The long-form AI writing features are among the core features of ScaleNut. It generates compelling and unique content in a blink of an eye.
  • Collaboration Features. The tool makes it easier for writing teams to collaborate with one another.
  • Content of Any Length. The content can be as long as you want. Some tools restrict the content to some particular length, but ScaleNut doesn’t.

User Experience

In ScaleNut, you can use the SEO assistant to easily generate SEO-intelligent long-form content for your blog.

Alternatively, you can use the AI copywriter tool to create short-form content, such as product descriptions or similar.

The tool is ridiculously simple to use. Just give it some input and keywords and the tool generates unique content that stands out from the masses.


ScaleNut has three pricing plans:

  • Individual: $29/mo
  • Growth: $79/mo
  • Pro: $149/mo

Bottom Line

Scalenut is an excellent tool that gives you control over your content creation workflow. Using the tool is easy and beginner-friendly. Whether you are an amateur or a professional writer, this tool completes your tasks in no time.

The tool is easy to integrate with your favorite platforms as well, so it works where you work.

If you are looking for an SEO tool and AI-writer combination, this is a great option.

9. NeuralText

Rating 3.7/5
User Experience 4.2/5

NeuralText is a tool that automates the writing process.

This is a 4-in-1 tool that combines four important phases of content creation:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Keyword clustering
  3. Content creation using AI
  4. Content optimization with AI and SEO

This tool knows the recent discoveries in SEO and uses the latest achievements in AI to provide you with a virtual co-author.


  • AI Writing. Uses the latest advancements in AI to scan for the most well-performing and relevant keywords for your niche.
  • Content Optimization. Boosts the overall quality of your content to make it more search engine friendly as well as reader-kind.
  • SEO Features.
    • Helps you find the right keyword clusters to get organic quality traffic from searches on the web.
    • Finds the best keywords with which you can reach a broader audience in your niche.

User Experience

NeuralText has an easy-to-use web interface you can access with your browser.

All you need to do is choose what to write about and give a little context. After this, you can let the tool take care of the rest.


NeuralText comes with three different plans for you to choose from:

  • Free Forever: $0
  • Starter: $49/mo for freelancers or solopreneurs.
  • Pro: $119/mo for larger teams and established companies.

Bottom Line

NeuralText mimics human brains when producing content. It is an intelligent all-around tool for top-notch content creators.

The tool generates text and analyzes your writing to boost engagement and search engine friendliness. With real-time reports and proposed fixes, the tool is all you need as a content creator.

One of the great benefits of this tool is the completely free version. However, remember that you don’t get the full picture using the free version. This is because the features are limited to non-paying customers.

A small drawback to the tool is the lack of a great user experience.

10. Text Blaze

Rating 3.9/5
User Experience 3.9/5

Text Blaze is a powerful AI writer that helps you avoid boring repetitive tasks when writing.

With this tool, you can create a bunch of text snippets to insert anywhere, such as on social media or web pages. You can also create dynamic formulas within your text to run calculations, such as taxes or interests automatically.

Here is an example of a shortcut to writing an email with TextBlaze:

Text Blaze is a wonderful tool to speed up team collaboration. The Business- and Enterprise Plans let you have multiple users working on the text with ease.

This tool can also be integrated with other sites. This helps you reduce the number of tools you use throughout the day.

One of the cool features is the variety of useful keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts let you streamline the writing process even further.


  • Templates and Snippets. Speeds up your workflow and boosts productivity.
  • Grammar and Spelling-Checkers. Lets you focus on writing while keeping out stupid grammar and punctuation mistakes.
  • Sharing and Collaboration. Blaze makes it easier for teams to collaborate and write together.
  • Integrations on Popular Platforms. Blaze works where you work. It is supported by popular platforms like Gmail, Google Docs, LinkedIn, and Salesforce.


There are four plans to choose from:

  • Basic: $0/mo
  • Pro: $2.99/mo
  • Business: $6.99/mo
  • Enterprise: Contact the Sales Team for More Info

Bottom Line

TextBlaze is a perfect choice for someone looking for little assistance when creating original text. You can use Blaze’s snippets and dynamic formulas to streamline your writing process.

This tool integrates well with other platforms and is thus usable almost anywhere you work.

However, Blaze is not a similar AI-content creation tool as some other tools on the list. It is intended for little assistance instead of creating entire chapters by itself. This is why the pricing is way more competitive than other tools on the list.

If you are looking for a more rigorous AI writing tool, try Jasper.

11. CopySmith

Rating 3.8/5
User Experience 3.7/5

CopySmith is an AI writer that helps you create content for your blog or website. This tool also comes with a useful way to share the content you have created.

This AI writer comes with a bunch of features for creating different types of content. For example, you use CopySmith to streamline writing product descriptions, blog posts, and social media posts, to name a few.

The most popular feature in CopySmith is the Article Builder tool. This feature allows you to generate articles from scratch.

Like other tools in this list, CopySmith is powered by a strong AI-based language model. This makes it possible for the tool to produce unique and well-thought content. Better yet, it can copy your personal writing style.

CopySmith supports a bunch of different languages in addition to English. This helps you communicate with non-English speakers too. For example, you can ask CopySmith to translate your writing to Japanese.


  • Templates. There is a bunch of awesome templates to choose from. This helps you avoid writer’s block and get started with content creation even more easily.
  • Integrations. This tool integrates well with other popular platforms to work where you work!
  • Content Editor. This feature lets you create, organize, and edit your writing in one single place.
  • AI-Writing Capabilities. CopySmith is powered by the latest language models. It provides you with unique and well-thought content that is 100% plagiarism-free.


There are three plans to consider:

  • Starter: $19/month
  • Professional: $59/month
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales Support

Bottom Line

Copywriting is a time-consuming task. Furthermore, it needs creativity and skill. Because of this, the process of copywriting can be exhaustive. This is when you should use a tool like CopySmith. You can use it to generate content and ideas, and save them to the cloud.

A major drawback to this tool is the expiration of credits. Credits are outdated after 12 months so you want to make sure to use them not to lose money.

12. AI Writer

Rating 3.5/5
User Experience 3.7/5

AI Writer, as the name suggests, is an AI-based copywriter tool. It offers an intelligent writing assistant for thirsty content creators who want to streamline the writing process and avoid writer’s block.

With this tool, you can create unique ideas and content at scale. The AI Writer platform comes with a bunch of different writing services for different needs. For example, there is a long-form content editor for writing long blog posts.

AI Writer uses the most powerful AI language model to generate the content. This makes it possible for the tool to generate relevant and high-quality content for your audience.

This tool can work with any niche. It knows how to talk about business, sports, and more.


  • AI-Writing Capabilities. Uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms to produce original and highly engaging content in a matter of seconds.
  • SEO Knowledge. To make your content rank higher in search engines, this tool knows which SEO keywords to use in your content.
  • The Headline and Topic Generator. The AI Writer helps you overcome your writer’s block by coming up with compelling headlines and topics.
  • Citations. The great feature of AI Writer is that it gives you citations to the sources where it learned the content.
  • Templates and Snippets. There is a bunch of templates and snippets to choose from. For example, you can start with a product description, ad headline, or blog post introduction.


There are three plans to choose from:

  • Basic: $29 per month 
  • Standard Plan: $59 per month
  • Power Plan: $375 per month

Bottom Line

AI Writer is an all-in-one solution for SEO and content.

With this tool, you can overcome writer’s blocks and create outstanding content, be it long-form or short-form. If you are looking to write well-cited, original, and search-friendly content, you should try this tool.

The only downside to this tool is it has no free trial or free plan to try. So you need to spend a buck to actually test it out. If a free plan is a must, you can choose a tool like Jasper that unlocks all great features for free for 10,000 words.

13. ProWritingAid

Rating 3.4/5
User Experience 3.9/5

ProWritingAid is a 3-in-1 AI writer tool. This software is a grammar checker, style editor, and writing co-author all at the same time.

This tool fixes your awkward sentences with grammar, spelling, and style assistance. In addition, the tool boosts your vocabulary and sentence structures.

All this is made possible by the state-of-the-art AI language model that powers the tool. With this model, the tool is able to analyze your writing like never before. ProWritingAid can learn your unique writing style. This means the content produced has your unique tone of voice in it.


  • AI Writing. Uses modern AI algorithms to produce highly engaging and original content in a breeze.
  • Grammar Checker. This tool helps you with grammar, spelling, and readability mistakes in real time.
  • Word Finder. The tool uses AI to come up with the best words to make your writing as professional and engaging as possible.
  • Integrations. This tool works where you work. It integrates smoothly with MS Word, MS Outlook, Google Docs, and more.
  • Built-In Guidelines. The tool analyzes your writing and comes up with suggestions, and explanations. There is also a library of guides and videos to help you improve your writing.
  • Metrics. The editor shows you easy-to-understand metrics on readability, sentence variation, and more.


The pricing is subscription-based. Here are your options:

  • Monthly Subscription: $20 per month 
  • Yearly Subscription: $79 per year
  • Lifetime Access: $399 one-time payment

Bottom Line

ProWritingAid is an AI assistant like no other. If you are a blogger or copywriter, you should give it a try. ProWritingAid helps you by providing you with assistance with grammar mistakes, punctuation, and overall vocabulary. It is your go-to proofreading software.

This is the only tool in the list that has a lifetime access option. Of course, it is a bit pricy, but if you are planning to use the tool a lot, this is definitely worth considering.

Notice you cannot use this tool to generate content, such as entire blog posts or articles. Instead, you can use it to improve the text as you go.

14. Wordtune

Rating 3.9/5
User Experience 4.2/5

If you are looking for a tool that helps you rephrase your content, WordTune is the way to go.

WordTune is not just a grammar checker. Instead, it uses complex AI-driven logic to understand the context and semantics of your writing. This tool uses a couple of sophisticated language models to rephrase your sentences.

With the assistance of WordTune, you can make your writing stand out by making it engaging and easy to digest.

The idea is simple. You give the tool your content as input, and it turns it into a more understandable and fluidly written piece of text. This tool aims to improve the overall readability of the text rather than only focusing on grammar details.


  • Sentente Parahphraser. You can use WordTune to paraphrase or rephrase the content.
  • Tone-Analyzer. The tool analyzes the tone of voice in your writing and helps you write in a specific tone that matches the intent of your writing.
  • AI-Writing Capabilities. Uses AI to produce original content to help you jump over writer’s block.
  • Grammar Checker. Analyzes your content in real-time and provide you with suggestions and fixes related to your grammar.
  • Integrations. Integrates with MS Word and other text editors and email clients.


When it comes to pricing, you have three options:

  • Free: $0/mo
  • Premium: $9.99/mo
  • Premium for Teams: Contact Sales Support

Bottom Line

To put it short, WordTune is an awesome browser extension that suits anyone who writes on the web.

This tool understands what you are trying to accomplish and comes up with useful suggestions. The tool also suits someone who has a hard time rephrasing content.

The downside of this tool is you need to disable it to avoid spending all your credits. Also, the extension is a bit laggy from time to time.

15. Sapling

Rating 3.8/5
User Experience 4.5/5

Sapling helps you with messaging, communications, and HR.

You can use this tool to generate, schedule, and send personal responses to your customers.

This tool also collects data to obtain insights into communication. This helps make improvements to conversations and training for better customer communications.

Sapling uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms for better messaging. Its value proposition is to notice language problems better than your average spell-checking tool.

One of the cool features of Sapling is the auto-completion feature. This helps you write replies quicker as the AI predicts what you are about to type based on the input.


  • Autocomplete. This feature helps you draft faster.
  • Snippets and Templates. The built-in snippet and template library make it even easier to get started with writing. For example, you can choose a product description template to start writing a description for your product.
  • Performance-Focused Reporting. Sapling analyzes your content and builds real-time reports based on engagement, keywords, and more.
  • Integrations. This tool comes with omnichannel support for a variety of popular apps and tools where you might do your work.
  • Security. The security in Sapling is enterprise-tier.


There are three price plans to choose from:

  • Free: $0/mo
  • Pro: $25/mo
  • Enterprise: Contact the Sales Team

Bottom Line

If you are looking for more professional and streamlined communications, Sapling is your best choice. You can even use it for free with popular platforms like Chrome, Docs, Outlook, and MS Word.

Unlike some other tools in this list, Sapling is not intended for auto-generating long-form content. Instead, its north star is making messaging and communications better.

16. PepperType

Rating 3.8/5
User Experience 4.3/5

PepperType is an AI writer software that uses artificial intelligence to improve your writing quality and speed. It is an easy-to-use solution with a shallow learning curve.

This writing assistant is your virtual co-author that makes your text engaging, insightful, and overall understandable.

Whether you are creating a blog post, content description, or an email PepperType can help you out.

With this tool, you can build up a library of copy styles you like, such as Simple, Confident, or Professional. Then all you need to do is:

  1. Pick a topic.
  2. Choose a style.
  3. Wait 2 seconds and the content is ready.


  • AI-Based Sentence Formatter. This tool helps you format your sentences in a professional and readable fashion.
  • Built-In Engagement Metrics. The tool analyzes your content in real time and provides you with insights on engagement.
  • Rephraser. You can use PepperType to completely change a sentence while preserving the meaning.
  • Grammar Checker. The built-in grammar checker helps you get rid of silly grammar mistakes and focus on writing.
  • Plagiarism Checker. Nothing is more important than having original content. This tool helps you make sure there is no plagiarism in your writing.
  • Cloud-Based Content Editor. The PepperType app is cloud-based. Every feature mentioned above works in their all-around content editor.


There are three plans to choose from:

  • Starter Plan: $25 per month
  • Growth Plan: $165 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact the Sales Team

Bottom Line

PepperType offers you a simple and intuitive interface to work with. This tool helps you produce better and more engaging content for your audience to vibe with!

PepperType makes writing quicker and more fun.

A great benefit of this tool is active customer support.

Notice that there is no long-form editor on this platform! To produce long-form content, consider using other tools like Jasper.

17. ClosersCopy

Rating 3.4/5
User Experience 4.1/5

ClosersCopy is a sophisticated AI writer. This writing assistant can be used to produce content for many purposes, such as:

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Sales Emails
  • Writing Books
  • Presentations

The tool comes with a bunch of marketing workflows and frameworks to create outstanding AI-written content.

What makes this tool unique is that it does not use the GPT-3 language model, which powers most of the tools in this list.

(You can find more info about the mechanics of these tools at the end of this article.).

According to ClosersCopy, GPT-3 is not trained well enough to produce a marketing copy. This is why they have built their own sophisticated AI-based marketing copy algorithm.

ClosersCopy has a Facebook group and an entire course that teaches you how to maximize the potential of the tool.


  • Collaboration. This feature makes it easier to work with writing teams due to the easiness of collaboration. The number of seats depends on your plan.
  • AI Writing Capabilities. With ClosersCopy, you get to use modern-day AI to generate unique stories, blog posts, and product descriptions.
  • Multi-Language Support. Like many other tools in this list, ClosersCopy supports multiple languages. Thus, you are not restricted to using English only.
  • SEO Audits and Planning. ClosersCopy uses AI to produce search-friendly content that ranks high on search engines.


In ClosersCopy, there is no free trial, but they do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. The pricing plans are the following:

  • Power: $49.99/mo
  • Superpower: $79.99/mo
  • Superpower Squad: $99.99/mo

Bottom Line

To combine content creation and SEO, ClosersCopy is definitely one of your best options.

The tool makes it easy to collaborate with other team members, and other community members, and most importantly, write content that stands out in the search engines.

If you are new to SEO, some of the features might be confusing to you!

18. ArticleForge

Rating 3.3/5
User Experience 4.1/5

Article Forge is an AI writer tool that uses the latest advancements in AI and deep learning to write longer articles.

You can use this tool to automate the creation of blog posts, product descriptions, or social media posts.

The content produced by Article Forge is unique, original, and SEO-friendly. This means the content can also rank high on Google.

The workflow is simple. You need to give the tool some input on what to write about. Then the tool comes up with content in a matter of seconds.

Although the content is probably already ready for publication, you should still run through some basic checks.

As a completely independent tool, Article Forge is not there yet. But if you use it as a writing assistant to which you give input and some assistance, the results are great.


  • AI-generated content. You can use the latest advancements in AI to write unique, compelling, and highly engaging content.
  • Reports. The tool creates real-time reports about your writing. With these, you can improve your content on the fly.
  • 24/7 Support. One of the great features of ArticleForge is the support. You can send them a message any time and they will promptly respond.
  • Personalization. ArticleForge makes it possible to write content that stands out from the masses. By using the personalization feature, your writing turns into a professional yet unique piece of art.


  • Basic: $13/mo
  • Standard: $27/month – 250,000 words/mo
  • Unlimited: $57/month

Bottom Line

ArticleForge helps you with content creation. It comes with a bunch of easy-to-use features that make your workflow easy and funny.

You can use multiple templates or the cool drag-and-drop features of the tool to further streamline your content creation process.

As a drawback, the pricing of a basic plan is really high considering you only get to generate 25,000 words per month. With AI tools, you commonly have to re-produce content and also remove some paragraphs due to repetition. This way using 25,000 words goes quicker than you thought.

19. Frase

Rating 3.5/5
User Experience 4.1/5

Frase is a great long-form content AI writer. This software comes with a bunch of useful features that make writing lengthy SEO content effortless.

This tool combines the research, writing, and optimization process into one place.

If you are someone who writes a lot, this tool can help you move faster and avoid writer’s block.

The tool uses the latest advancements in AI to produce unique, original, and well-thought content.


  • Integrations. The tool works with Google Search Console for example!
  • Version Control. This feature helps you revert changes to your writing. It keeps a log of different versions of your content and makes it possible to jump back in time.
  • Undo/Redo Buttons. Most of the tools in this list require you to use commands to redo/undo. However, Frase has neat little buttons to make undoing/redoing more intuitive and easy for users.
  • Data Export. You can easily export data and write to PDFs, Excel, and more.


There are three plans to go with:

  • Basic: $44.99/mo
  • Team: $114.99/mo
  • Enterprise: Contact Support

Bottom Line

Frase is a powerful tool with a bunch of AI-based features to streamline your writing process.

However, the user experience is a bit clunky and unintuitive. Also, the pricing of the software is quite high.

Notice that the AI writing feature is only available as an addon!

20. ChatGPT

Rating 4.8/5
User Experience 4.9/5

ChatGPT is in my opinion one of the most promising AI writing tools there is.

The reason ChatGPT is at the bottom of this list is that it’s relatively new, it’s in beta mode, and there’s some uncertainty about the accessibility and availability for now.

For example, at the moment, the tool is free but it might change in the near future. Also, who knows if they need to turn it down for a while.

Even more importantly, ChatGPT is the AI language model, not software per se. This means most of the tools introduced here will end up using ChatGPT as their underlying AI model in a unique way.

Anyway, ChatGPT has gained a lot of hype recently for a reason. This tool is amazing! ChatGPT not only generates text and answers but it can also both write and debug code, which is pretty impressive.

I’ve already used the tool on this very blog. I’ve written this article partially using ChatGPT. ChatGPT generated most of the code and some of the text content in that article. However, I had to take the screenshots, do fact-checks, and run (and slightly tweak) the code so it’s not 100% foolproof just yet.

To get an idea of how the tool works, check this example out:

The tool perfectly answers a physics question about the color of the sky. This makes answering homework scary easy!

But one thing you need to keep in mind with ChatGPT and every other tool in this list: AI is a great assistant, not an autopilot. You can write content AI-assisted but it’s not capable of doing fact-checks or such. AI can also be convincing even when it’s completely wrong or off-topic. So that’s something you need to be very careful about.

By the way, make sure to read my complete guide to ChatGPT to learn more about its use, potential, and pitfalls.


  • At the time of writing, the tool is free to use.
  • No technical skills are needed. You can just start writing right away after a free sign-up.
  • ChatGPT answers any questions and can also write/debug code.
  • The conversation is natural and flows smoothly. ChatGPT is definitely the most impressive chatbot I’ve ever seen.
  • Overall the UI is super easy to use. There’s a chat box and a send button. Besides, you can give the tool feedback and reset the thread if AI takes a tangent.


At the time of writing, ChatGPT is free to use. It’s in beta mode and OpenAI is doing a lot of research to make the AI safe, accessible, and usable for everyone.

The pricing might change in the near future similar to other OpenAI products.

Bottom Line

ChatGPT is in my books the best chatbot I’ve ever seen. It can generate text for blog posts, blog post outlines, essays, or even write code.

Better yet, ChatGPT seems to be correct most of the time.

But digging deeper into any topic, ChatGPT also makes a lot of mistakes. Worse yet, it sounds really convincing when it claims something that’s not correct which makes incorrectness hard to spot.

I’ve noticed this AI tool makes my writing 20-30% faster, which is amazing. In your use case, this number might be different. If you’re writing a thesis on a poorly researched topic, you will find no help from AI. But if you’re sending a generic email or writing some lecture notes, you might get a tremendous time-saver from ChatGPT.

AI writing is coming and it’s only going to improve. I can’t wait to see what these tools look like in 2-3 years.


Here are a bunch of interesting questions about AI writing tools. These questions baffled me when I first heard about AI writing tools.

Before you start searching, I recommend quickly scanning through these questions. I’m sure they help you understand AI writer tools better!

What Is AI?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It means a machine mimics the human intelligence process.

AI has built a lot of hype in the past years and has become one of the buzzwords of the 21st century.

The most common applications of artificial intelligence are:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Speech Recognition
  • Computer Vision

The first one in the list, natural language processing, is what the AI writing tools use.

Behind the scenes, AI is just a fancy word for a computer program that works with data. AI uses code, algorithms, and mathematics to process data to learn patterns and features. This is what is meant when AI teaches itself.

Make sure to read the complete guide on What Is Artificial Intelligence.

What Is an AI Writing Tool?

An AI writing tool is a piece of software that uses artificial intelligence to produce textual content.

To be more specific, AI writing tools rely on natural language processing, which is one of the most common applications of artificial intelligence.

Natural language processing means a computing program analyzes text to learn its patterns and features. A program like this can learn how to produce content on its own.

How Do AI Writers Work?

An AI writing tool is a piece of software produced by a tech company or startup.

There are two main ways AI writing tools work:

  • The company has produced its own NLP unit that powers the tool.
  • The company uses an external NLP unit to produce content. In a sense, this means the company acts as an intermediary between the user and the actual AI tool.

Most of the new AI writing tools like Jasper use the latter approach. They are powered by a third-party NLP unit, GPT-3, which is developed by a company called OpenAI.

This explains the similarities among the writing tools. Most of them use the same NLP unit, GPT-3 under the hood.

Make sure to read How Do AI Tools Actually Work?

What Is GPT-3?

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) is a powerful AI language model produced by OpenAI, a San Fransisco-based AI research lab. It was first released in May 2020.

GPT-3 powers a large chunk of the modern AI writing startups, like Jasper.

The language model has been trained with 175 billion parameters. It has read hundreds of billions of words to learn how to write like us. At the moment, GPT-3 is the most powerful and capable NLP unit there is.

Here is a great in-depth look at the GPT-3.

What Is GPT-2?

GPT-2 is a powerful language model produced by OpenAI in San Fransisco. GPT-2 is a predecessor of GPT-3.

When GPT-2 was introduced, it was also the most powerful language model that could do a lot of impressive things, such as:

  • Translate text
  • Answer simple questions
  • Generate simple text outputs

These days, GPT-3 is a way more sophisticated model than GPT-2.

Is AI Writing Legit?

Using an AI writing tool is legit.

As long as the content is unique, it does not really matter whether you or your artificial friend wrote it 😉

So don’t worry about cheating when using AI tools! If AI writing software was not ok, who would fund these companies?

Should I Use an AI Writing Tool?

I think everyone should give AI tools a try.

Writing efficiently in the near future might mean you have to use an AI tool. Otherwise, you could be left out of the competition.

Today is a perfect time to jump into the AI-writing train.

You can expect these tools to only improve in the future. Sooner or later you might be able to produce as much content as a 5-person professional writing team.

With Jasper, you can get a free 10,000-word trial to judge with.

Will AI Writers Replace Humans?

The word “replace” is quite strong.

However, no one really knows what the future holds.

For example, in 2022, only 2 years later than GPT-3 was released, a new language model ChatGPT came out. This seems to be better than GPT-3 by leaps and bounds. Imagine what these models will look like in 2-3 years’ time.

In the near future, all the content could be written by machines. But it could not. What’s the source of truth? Would it make sense to even write anymore if all the content is made by AI and consumed by AI? There are lots of uncertainties, lots of questions to be answered, and lots of surprises coming our way.

Anyway, the AI writing assistants are already good enough to boost your writing speed. If one person could soon do five people’s jobs, it could mean a lot of layoffs. Or it could mean teams are just capable of working much faster and bash all competitors not using the best AI writing tools.

Obviously, this is just speculation. But to make sure to keep up with the competition, you should test AI writing tools and keep an eye on their development.

Is AI-Written Content Accurate?

Most of the time AI-written content is accurate and the facts are correct.

However, the more specific question you ask, the higher the chance for an error. Less information about the topic on the internet also means the tool knows less about it.

For example, I once asked Jasper why the sky turns red in the evenings during the sunset. Jasper claimed it is due to the doppler shift. The truth is it has nothing to do with the doppler shift.

But this is not a real problem.

First of all, none of these tools claim they are the ultimate source of truth. Secondly, these tools are writing assistants. You should always do fact-checks if you produce factual content.

Can You Solve Homework Using AI?

Of course, you could. Furthermore, you would not get caught because the content is original.

However, as a student, you should always try to maximize learning by solving homework yourself. Using an AI tool offers a nice shortcut, but it does not help you with your studies.

Also, doing maths/physics/chemistry with an AI tool will not give accurate or even meaningful results.

Update: ChatGPT which is a new prominent language model by OpenAI is capable of solving university-level homework – crazy! But you still need to remember to use these tools with care as they can be convincing even when they’re 100% wrong.

Why Are There So Many AI Writing Tools All of a Sudden?

As stated earlier, most of the AI writing tools are powered by a brand new AI language model called GPT-3 by OpenAI. And soonish, most of them will use the newest model ChatGPT by OpenAI.

Since they made the model available, a bunch of new startups started using the model to power their AI tools. This is the main reason why there are lots of AI chatbots and writing tools all of a sudden.

Simply put, the recent developments in AI have made AI writing possible.

Also, notice how many AI art generators there are these days. The same applies to those. In 2021-2022 the evolvement in AI image generation jumped by leaps and bounds as new AI image models like DALL-E 2 or Stable Diffusion popped up.

Can I Create My Own AI Writing Tool?


Thanks to OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, it is really easy to create your own AI writing tool.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to know what AI means. The GPT-3 handles the AI logic for you.

Keep in mind using the model is not free, so even if you created your own writing tool, you still need to pay for the AI logic.

You also need some background in Python programming to perform network requests to access the model.

If you own some coding background, I recommend watching this 20-minute introductory video. In this video, you build a basic AI writing tool in just 20 minutes.

Can AI Writers Code?

An AI writing tool is not meant to write code. At least not yet.

However, because AI writers are trained by the data on the internet, they also know some coding.

So if you ask an AI writer to produce a simple Python script or an HTML file, they can perform surprisingly well.

Update: ChatGPT which is the newest AI language model is capable of writing basic code and even debugging/explaining tricky code. This is a major leap when it comes to AI writing. However, the code that ChatGPT generates is most of the time good, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Also, quite often the AI-generated code is not optimal or might use some deprecated logic and such.

But the crazy part about these AI tools is that in 2020, no one believed what could be possible in 2022 or 2023. The ChatGPT language model is so much better than the GPT-3 language model released in mid-2020 and it’s only been 2.5 years since. Just wait until 2-4 more years pass. I think these tools will be absolutely incredible in just a bit.

Wrap Up

AI writing tools are coming, thanks to the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence!

During the past couple of years, a bunch of startups has emerged with AI writing capabilities like never before.

The best tools already make it possible for content creators to write 2-5 times faster than before. This means one writer can be as productive as a team of 2-5 writers!

To not get dropped out of the competition in the future, you should start using these tools already. Currently, the overall best tool is Jasper. You can get a 10,000-word free trial to play with.

You should only expect these tools to become more sophisticated in the near future. Also, chances are these tools will become mainstream sooner or later.

Thanks for reading! Happy writing.

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