Hi, my name is Artturi Jalli! I’m the author and owner of codingem.com—a tech blog with coding tutorials and software reviews.

✏️ At the beginning of 2021, I started writing technical articles on the popular platform Medium.com. I was quickly selected as one of the top writers on the platform. I received 300k+ reads in no time.

🖥️ I realized how big the demand there is for technical content. Lo and behold I launched my own site, codingem.com.

🕑 My mission is to help developers save time looking for the answers and learning complex topics in the field of software development and technology.

🏃 Codingem’s articles are structured in a way that one can instantly see a quick answer to a burning question. This saves your time in a hurry.

🧑‍🏫 In addition, it is important to learn the concepts. This is why each article provides an insightful, practical, and well-thought guide around the topic.