How to Create AI Disney Posters (4 Easy Steps)

Do you want to generate a Disney poster in seconds?

Original AI-generated Disney posters

This is super easy with today’s AI-powered tools.

Let me show you exactly how to do that.

How Does It Work?

AI or artificial intelligence is making waves in the tech industry.

The most popular use case for it is that it can generate original and unique text and images out of thin air.

The latest trend that has been going on is those AI Disney Posters.

Let me show you how easy it is to generate one.

Step-by-Step Guide

#1 Sign Up to ChatGPT

To generate images with AI, the best bet is to use DALL-E 3 in ChatGPT.

First, sign in to ChatGPT here.

Sign in page to ChatGPT

Create an account if you don’t already have one.

Sign up to ChatGPT page

#2 Activate the Premium Plan

Once you’ve logged in, you need to use the GPT-4 model that contains the DALL-E 3 image model.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the model is not available for free users. Sign up for a premium plan to continue.

(Alternatively, you can forget about ChatGPT altogether, and use Bing AI Image Generator instead for a bit worse results.)

ChatGPT-4 behind a paid subscription

#3 Activate DALL-E 3 Image Model

Once you’ve upgraded to a paid plan, it’s time to choose the DALL-E 3 image generator model to use.

So, open up the chat view of ChatGPT and click on GPT-4. Then activate DALL-E 3.

DALL-E 3 activation in ChatGPT

#4 Use This Input

Now you just need to tell ChatGPT you want to see some Disney art.

For example, you can send this to ChatGPT:

I like the Crystal Caverns, can you create me alternative posters that look reminiscent Disney movie posters?

This will generate four images. For example, on me, those images look like this:

AI generated disney art

You can also get more creative and mix in something that doesn’t exist on Disney already.

For example, I wanted to have my name on the poster so here’s what I did:

Disney AI art prompt

Although sometimes it’s not accurate with text, this is the image it nailed:

Disney AI art

Awesome, isn’t it? That looks like some Disney art or Disney characters.

And that’s original and no other images like that exist. These are AI-generated pieces of art.

By the way, you can use ChatGPT pretty easily. Just describe pretty much whatever you want to see and it can create an image for you.

For example, here’s something completely different:

Ai generated images of a hacker

Mind the Usage Rights, Though

You don’t own AI-generated images. While it’s 100% fine to use those non-commercially, you aren’t allowed to use them for commercial purposes.

Also, with AI-generated images, anyone else can use your artwork for free and without permission if they want to.

Thanks for reading. Happy experimenting!