Bing AI Image Generator: How to Use It (Full Guide)

Bing AI Image Generator is an advanced tool that generates awesome images out of thin air.

All you need to do is describe what you want to see and Bing gets it done.

For example, I just generated these images with Bing:

Example images generated with Bing

This is a complete guide to using Bing AI Image Generator.

It’s a simplistic walkthrough of what it is, how to use it, my personal take on it, and some ideal use cases.

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Let’s jump in!

What is Bing AI Image Generator?

The Bing AI Image Generator, also known as Bing Image Creator, is a cutting-edge tool that transforms text descriptions into realistic images within seconds.

An image of a big chart and graph in a big hall with cool lights

You can literally tell it what you want to see and it gets the job done.

It uses the version of the DALL-E model, DALL-E 3, to interpret natural language descriptions and generate diverse images accordingly​.

Let’s have a look at how you can use it.

How to Use Bing AI Image Generator?

Using the Bing AI Image Generator is a breeze.

If you want to use the browser version, just navigate to to open the Image Creator directly​​.

Bing AI Image Creator homepage

The service is free to use. You can just enter an input to create an image you want to see.

An AI input to Bing Creator

But you need an account. If you’re not signed in, it will prompt you to create an account.

Bing Sign Up page

Luckily, that’s super simple to do. Just create an account by filling in your details and that’s it.

Bing create new email page

After creating the account, which takes like 45 seconds, you get to generate those awesome images. At the time of writing, these images are generated by the new DALL-E 3 model.

For example, here are the outputs I get for the prompt I just gave (“”)

Bing AI Image Creator examples of cat images

By the way, If you’re using Microsoft Edge, you can access the AI Image Generator directly from the browser.

Just turn on the Image Creator in the Edge sidebar by selecting the “+” icon and choosing the toggle for Image Creator​.

How to Generate Images with Bing

Let’s take a closer look at Bing Image Generator.

I already showed you one example of generating an image when signing up. But let’s dive a bit deeper to see what it can actually do and how to get awesome results.

By the way, chances are that DALL-E 3 has also been released to ChatGPT.

If you’re a ChatGPT Plus user, it might make sense to use DALL-E 3 there instead of using Bing’s AI Image Generator.

This is because ChatGPT can also help you craft those inputs to DALL-E 3 for awesome outputs.

Nonetheless, let’s take a look at image generation with Bing AI Image Generator.

How to Get Ideas

The landscape of AI image generation is changing really fast. What was “cool” 3 months ago might already be outdated badly.

The best way to learn how to use AI image generators is not by paying for a course or such. Instead, just look at what others have done.

This is where Bing’s Explore Ideas section shines.

Images in the Explore section of Bing

It allows you to see what people have been able to create and with what types of inputs. These are all images with the inputs that were used to generate those.

For example, I found this image from the Bing Ideas section:

An example image of a cottage near lake

If you look at the image, it has the input next to it:

A cottage near a lake with the input

This is the input that the creator of this image used.

Let’s copy it and try it ourselves.

This will take 30 seconds or so… Remember, the AI is generating the image out of thin air. This is not an image that exists anywhere else.

Waiting for Bing to generate images

After a while, the images are generated for you:

An example of bing generated AI image of cottages near lake

Looks pretty freaking impressive, right?

Now you can inspect individual images in full size by clicking one of those.

An example cottage image with Bing

Don’t forget to download your artwork.

Download button next to the AI image

By experimenting with the image creator like this, you get the best results. There are no secret strategies or inputs you could use.

It’s all about being descriptive and accurate with what you want to see.

My Take on Bing AI Image Generator

I think Bing AI Image Creator is just awesome. Beats all the available free AI image generators hands down.

But no wonder why—it’s using the latest and what many consider to be the best model, DALL-E 3.

I’d definitely give it a try. It’s amazing. And very easy to learn and use.

If you’re looking for inspiration, just look at those other images generated with it. That shows you exactly what kinds of inputs lead to specific outputs.

Ideal Use Cases

Here are some tips for using Bing AI Image Generator.

  1. Content Creation: Enhance your blog posts or social media with unique images crafted on the spot.
  2. Digital Art: Unleash your creativity by generating AI art.
  3. Prototyping: Quickly generate visuals for project prototypes.
  4. Education: Use it as a visual aid in teaching complex concepts.

The Bing AI Image Generator proves an amazing productivity tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Whether you’re a content creator, a designer, or just someone looking to dabble in digital art, this tool opens up a bunch of possibilities.

Generating Text into Images

AI image generators have been known for high-quality images but no accuracy with text.

But this has just changed for good.

The latest model that Bing uses (DALL-E 3) can generate text pretty impressively.

For example, here I asked it to generate an image of “big billboard that says “Merry Xmas 2023″, realistic, glow, fog, night, picture”.

Here’s the result:

Images generated with AI that say merry christmas on a billboard

By a quick look, that looks awesome. But if you take a closer look, you can still see that the text isn’t quite there. It’s like 95% there but there are still some artifacts.

For example, the second image on the right says “MERRY XMAAS 2023”. And the bottom one says “Merry Xmas 222”.

So, we’re not quite there just yet.

But I can imagine this is something that will be patched in a couple of months or so.

How Long Does Image Generation Take?

Bing Image Generator is pretty quick. But there’s a credit system in place.

If you look at the screen where you have the text input form, you can see a credit system.

Bing AI Image Creator credit system

At the time of writing, one image generation takes 1 credit.

If you run out of credits, it can take longer to generate images.

This is because Microsoft wants to ensure all beginners and newcomers get a positive and streamlined experience.

There’s simply so much demand for this service that the waiting lines would be unbearably long without a priority system like this.

Do I Own AI-Generated Images?

To learn how to use Bing AI images, make sure to read the content policy page.

You don’t own images generated with AI but you can use them. Here’s what Bing answered me to that question:

You can use the images generated by Bing AI Image Generator for legal personal, non-commercial use only. If you want to use the images for commercial purposes, you need to obtain permission from Microsoft.

To generate images using Bing AI Image Generator, you can visit the Bing Image Creator website and enter a prompt in the text box. You can also use the Bing app on your mobile device to create images

USCO’s late statement about AI imagery is that because it’s not a product of human authorship, there’s no copyright law that would protect the images generated.

But how can you tell it’s Bing?

Well, Bing has implemented an invisible watermark to the images generated. This way they can easily identify their artwork.term

Common Questions

Is Bing AI image generator free?

Bing AI Image Creator is free to use. All you need is a Bing account and you’re good to go.

Remember that due to the high demand, there’s a credit system that allows for 25 quick generations and then you have to wait.

Can Bing AI draw pictures?

Surely. Just tell Bing to draw a picture.

But instead of giving the instructions like you ask a person to draw, just tell it what you want to see.

For example, “a drawing of a cat in the middle of a field, cubistic”.

Can Bing Chat process images?

Apparently, yes! You can send an image to Bing Chat and it will tell you exactly what it sees in the image.

For example:

Asking bing to analyze an image

Pretty impressive!

How do I insert a picture into Bing?

Bing AI Image Generator doesn’t allow for inserting images.

But you can play with images by sending those to Bing Chat.

Sending an image to Bing Chat

Wrap Up

Make sure to also read my post about the best AI writing tools on the internet.

Thanks for reading. Happy experimenting!