How to Create Disney Pixar AI Dog Images (Easy)

Let me show you how to join the latest Disney Pixar AI dog trend in 5 minutes.

This is super easy with today’s AI-powered tools.

How Does It Work?

These days, you don’t need to be a designer or photographer to create astounding images.

Instead, you can let the AI take care of all of that.

Better yet, the process is quick. It just takes seconds to generate 100% unique and original images.

Just give an input for AI and it will give you an output image.

The latest trend in the AI image generation space is the Pixar Dog AI images.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself in just minutes.

Create Pixar AI Dogs (Step-by-Step)

#1 Sign Up to ChatGPT

To generate images with AI, the best bet is to use DALL-E 3 in ChatGPT.

First, sign in to ChatGPT here.

Sign in page to ChatGPT

Create an account if you don’t already have one.

Sign up to ChatGPT page

#2 Activate the Premium Plan

Once you’ve logged in, you need to use the GPT-4 model that contains the DALL-E 3 image model.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the model is not available for free users. Sign up for a premium plan to continue.

(Alternatively, you can forget about ChatGPT altogether, and use Bing AI Image Generator instead for a bit worse results.)

ChatGPT-4 behind a paid subscription

#3 Activate DALL-E 3 Image Model

Once you’ve upgraded to a paid plan, it’s time to choose the DALL-E 3 image generator model to use.

So, open up the chat view of ChatGPT and click on GPT-4. Then activate DALL-E 3.

DALL-E 3 activation in ChatGPT

#4 Use This Input

Now you just need to tell ChatGPT you want to see some Disney art.

In other words, just send it a message.

If you don’t know what kind of a message, here’s one I used:

I’d like to generate a dog image in the style of Disney Pixar using DALL-E. Could you please create three distinct dog characters for me? Please name each one and provide a detailed physical description in 40 words

ChatGPT input for Disney Pixar AI dogs

Notice that the AI doesn’t directly want to create images of copyrighted material.

But it gives you suggestions based on what it could do that’s very similar.

I liked the first description. So I sent it back to ChatGPT AI and it generated images like this:

Disney style Pixar AI dogs

How cute is this? Especially the one on the right. :3

By the way, even though ChatGPT won’t generate Disney art directly, you can ask it to do something in Disney style to overcome the block.

For example, here’s what I told ChatGPT to do:

Generate an image of Lulu. Imagine her as a cute and sweet dog from a Disney Pixar movie. Put the dog in a Disney-style movie scene.

Here’s what ChatGPT gave me:

Disney Pixar AI dogs from ChatGPT

Awesome, isn’t it? That looks like some Disney art or Disney characters.

And that’s original and no other images like that exist. These are AI-generated pieces of art.

The cool part of AI is that you can do whatever you want. You can for example tell the AI to generate the same images in real life as well.

For example, here’s a more photorealistic image I just generated using this as my message: “Now, generate these images but in real life to make them look what they’d look like in the real world.”

IRL version of a Disney Pixar AI Dog

Mind the Usage Rights, Though

You don’t hold ownership over AI-generated visuals. While you’re free to use them for non-commercial activities, commercial use is prohibited.

Moreover, with AI-created pictures, others can utilize your creations freely and without needing your consent.

Thanks for your attention. Enjoy your exploration!

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