Humata AI Review (2023): Best PDF Analyzer (to Understand Files)

In today’s digital age, where data is the new gold, managing an ever-growing repository of files and documents has become an increasingly complex task.

Searching for specific pieces of information in a sea of files can often feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

That’s where the game-changer steps in Humata AI, a groundbreaking solution modeled after OpenAI’s ‘ChatGPT’ but innovatively designed to handle files and documents.

Imagine having the power to converse with your files, ask direct questions, and receive accurate answers within seconds.

Humata AI brings this seemingly far-fetched idea into reality.

It is an artificial intelligence tool that not only allows you to upload your files but also lets you engage in a chatbot-style conversation with them.

By asking simple, direct questions, you can quickly retrieve the information you need without having to manually sift through each document. It is an AI-powered assistant that truly understands your data.

Humata AI redefines the process of information seeking, making it faster, easier, and significantly more efficient.

No more wasting valuable time searching for documents, scanning through pages, or struggling to recall where a particular piece of information was stored.

With Humata AI, you can directly ask your questions – be it about a contract’s specific clause, a report’s key findings, or even data from years-old financial statements – and the system will immediately provide you with the precise answers.

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This is a comprehensive review of Humata AI. Is it really worth the hype? Does it actually understand files?

Let’s find out…

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Key Features of Humata AI

  • AI bot that answers questions about files
  • PDF file support
  • Powerful NLP algorithms that give accurate answers about the PDFs
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Free trial and cheap paid plans

My Experience with Humata

Let’s put Humata AI into the test. Thus far, it’s all been hype and promises, but let’s see if it actually works.

I asked Humata to answer basic questions about a file I inserted into it.

In my case, I just downloaded a 14-page PDF about Python programming to test how the tool performs with that.

From the below screenshot, you can see that it understands the file quite well!

As someone who’s just testing this kind of tool, I don’t really know what kind of questions to ask from it.

Let’s see if it can tell me more about itself.

Amazing! It actually answered my question.

Let’s give it another try, perhaps a more complex one this time.

In this document, there’s a brief section where it describes the mathematical operators in Python.

I’ll ask Humata to list those for me:

As you can see, the message is right. It actually picked up the operators from the PDF and listed them for me.

Of course, it would be even better if Humata actually formatted those messages a bit. For example, instead of putting those operators in the same chapter, it could’ve broken it down to the bulleted list.

But that’s not a big issue. The main point is that it answered my question.

Now one big issue I found was that Humata isn’t always spot on. As a matter of fact, it fails in simple questions.

For example, in the Python Cheat Sheet PDF, the author is stated many times throughout the document. Yet Humata cannot extract it from there.

Humata says it’s unclear who’s the author.

But in reality, it’s very clear.

But hey, the AI is just taking baby steps and no one expects it to be perfect, right?

I think Humata passed the test with flying colors and I definitely recommend checking the tool out yourself.

It clearly understands my questions and mostly picks up the answers from the documents. Incredible, I must say! Who would have believed this kind of stuff is possible in 2023?!


  • Free: 60 Pages at $0/month
  • Pro: 250 Pages at $14.99/month
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales


  • Generous free trial of 60 pages to analyze
  • Clearly understands the purpose and contents of a PDF
  • Super easy to use. Literally, a chat where you can ask about the PDF you just gave it.


  • Doesn’t get it right all the time.
  • Paid plan costs $0.01/page even after the monthly fee…

How About Privacy?

The main concern with a tool like this is obvious: privacy. Uploading personal documents to a website might not feel safe, so it’s wise to read what Humata has to say about its data privacy.

Unlike most websites, Humata’s Privacy Policy statement is plain and simple—and definitely worth reading if you have concerns. 🙂

To put it short, Humata does not keep your personal file data to train the AI.

Final Verdict

Humata AI is definitely worth the hype. Although it still makes some mistakes, it makes searching data from a PDF so much easier.

Traditionally, you’d just need to flat-out read the documents from start to finish. Or if you were clever, you could use CTRL+F to find specific words. But that’s rather inefficient.

With Humata AI, you basically get a decent assistant that reads your files in seconds from start to end and learns the content as it goes. All that’s left for you is to ask questions about the contents of the files.

I’d definitely give it a try!

By the way, if you’re looking for an alternative to Humata, I highly recommend reading my review of ChatPDF—it’s just awesome!

Wrapping Up

And that’s a wrap!

Tools like Humata AI are not just luxuries but becoming necessities.

They simplify our interaction with data, helping us extract precise information in seconds, and saving us invaluable time and resources.

Furthermore, Humata AI is a testament to how advanced and user-friendly artificial intelligence has become – transforming our files into conversational partners, ready to provide the information we need at a moment’s notice.

But beyond its impressive features and functionalities, it’s the commitment to user privacy and data security that truly sets Humata AI apart.

The assurance that our data is not used to train the AI, along with robust encryption and regular security checks, provides users with the confidence to use the system without concerns over data privacy.

As we conclude, we invite you to take this step toward the future of data management.

Embrace the power of Humata AI, the AI that converses with your files, and experience firsthand the revolution in information seeking and retrieval.

With Humata AI, your files are no longer just passive data holders, but active, intelligent companions ready to offer the information you need, when you need it.

Thanks for reading!