Swift for Beginners

If-Else Statements

In Swift, you can use an if-else statement to let your program make decisions. For example, let’s check if a person can drive based on their age: This results in the following output in the console: If-else statements are everywhere. They are the basic building blocks of programming. With if-else statements, you can start implementing […]

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Math Operators

In this chapter, you are going to learn the basic math operators in Swift. The four common math operators in Swift are: For example, let’s perform some basic maths with these operators and store the results into variables: In this guide, you are going to learn how to do basic math in Swift. If you

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Data Types

In Swift, each variable/constant holds a value that represents some data type. There are lots of data types in Swift. As a beginner, it is important to learn these 5 basic data types first: Here are some examples of variables and constants that represent different data types: In this article, we are going to take

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