Str() vs repr() in Python

In Python, the built-in str() and repr() functions both produce a textual representation of an object. Output: The difference between str() and repr() is: The str() function returns a user-friendly description of an object. The repr() method returns a developer-friendly string representation of an object. In this guide, you learn: What are the functions str()

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Python Code

Comments in Python

Leaving code comments might sometimes help clarify your code. There are 3 unofficial comment types in Python. A “block comment”: An “inline comment”: A “multi-line” comment that misuses a docstring: Commenting Code in Python To add a comment in Python, use the hashtag operator # before starting to type the comment. Before digging into the

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Python Pretty Print JSON

To pretty-print JSON in Python: For example: Where: Here is an illustration of what pretty printing does to JSON objects: In this guide, you learn why JSON is usually unreadable and how to use pretty printing to fix the problem. You will also see some common examples when pretty-printing. Before learning how to pretty-print JSON,

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